Welcome to the story section! This is the place newcomers should go when they feel like they don't understand what's going on, and don't really feel like going through the archives (okay, that'll become more of an issue much later on, just work with me here). This is where I give you guys the main gist of Unusual Heroes, and as the story moves on, I'll make regular updates here. So be warned, eventually it'll be spoiler-tastic. It's much better to just go through the comic itself, page by page, but if you want the lowdown quick and easy, so you can check out the rest later when you have the time, then this is the place for you. Enjoy!

Story Thus Far

As our story begins, a boy (Max Ash) is being persued in the dark woods by something unknown to him, just an ominous voice telling him they he will join "them" at his high school (shown broken and dilapidated). Max wakes up from this nightmare, and just writes it off as nerves; he's starting his sophomore year of high school. As Max walks downstairs for breakfast, he hits a creak in one of them and is immediately yelled at by his father. Breakfast is no better as we learn that Max is unappreciated by his entire family, always living in the shadow of his older sister in college, Morgan. It looks like Max and his father are about to have an altercation about walking down the stairs. Max says how he feels that his parents hate him and give him nothing but grief and this is proof. An arguement soon breaks during breakfast over the stair that Max made creak on the way down, his parents overreacting way too much. Max's father asks him about school suppiles, and Mak makes a small comment on how they didn't help him at all with it. Finally his patience is broken and Max slams his fists down on the breakfast table to illustrate his point. Oddly...at the same time all the windows in the kitchen break. His father accuses him of having something to do with it, and Max runs off to school, leaving his parents questioning if it's something they have a suspicion about. The vow to keep a close eye on him. On the school bus, Max talks about how breaking the windows is a normal thing for him. He doesn't know how or why, but he's always breaking stuff when he's angry or afraid. Fuses, lights, windows. They all seem to break when Max becomes agitated. Max finally arrives at school and is approached by his only friend, Cora. Max explains the morning's exploits to Cora as the two walk inside the school and to their lockers. Cora knows this is something that happens to Max, but still brushes it off as just being 'weird.' The two turn their discussion to their first period class, Biology, and a boy named Dexter and his extreme dislike for Cora due to her ability to get grades as high as he can. Cora hopes that he isn't in their classes, and the two head off to their first class.

What Is This All About You Ask?

This is a webcomic story about Max and the kids in his school, the friends he will make, and some very strange goings on. Unlike most people, Max believes in magic and the unusual, so when strange things begin to happen, Max doesn't take too long to accept it. This comic is a lot of things, true-to-life kids (hey, even strange people have character), real problems, and then on the flip side we have adventure, action, fantasy, sci-fi, a bunch of heroics, a bit of horror, and some humor thrown in for good measure. Hey, with a name like Unusual Heroes, did you think it'd be strictly a slice-of-life story? Saving the universe is a big deal, and we've got the most unlikely choice of saviors. That's what this comic is about. And the more pages that come up, the more "Story Thus Far" I'll put up. So sit tight and have fun!



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