Here is the much anticipated archives! Okay, maybe not that anticipated, but gimme a break here okay? If you don't wanna just start from the beginning and have page one repeat itself (note to self: someday find out how to fix that) then you can come here and just pick a page! I'm linking them according to their relevance in the story. Page 1, 2, ect. So, holiday specials and fillers, though in date of appearance are inbetween the story, will be linked in their own section here. When the chapters or 'issues' are finished, I'll create a cover page for them that'll be put up here. So here's the comic in its story order, although not date order. If it's too confusing, I'll probably change it.

Chapter 1: Welcome Back To Hell

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Fillers and Holiday Specials

'Children Kill' A Silent Hill Tribute
Halloween Sketches #1: Max as Harry Potter
Halloween Sketches #2: Fury as Claire Redfield
Halloween Special: The Dance!
Holiday Special: Frosty's Day Out!
New Year's Special: Hatchi Matchi! Salute to the Critic


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