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Never Say Die

Date: July 2, 2003 @ 4:18pm
Listening To: Urban Noise - Parasite Eve soundtrack
Reading: Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, Talisman by Peter Straub and Stephen King, but also, as always, tons of comics
Feeling: Sick and tired, mostly sick
Watching At The Moment: I have a MST3K tape in my VCR...

Age: 19
Pet Peeves: Ignorance, being pushed around, hypocrisy, her cat.
Soda of Choice: Coca Cola Classic
Favorite color: Black, Crimson, Royal Purple
Most Like: Squall Leonhart (FFVIII), Lulu (FFX), Spider-(Wo)man (superhero quiz), Yoda (Jedi quiz), Sephiroth (FF Villain), Aeris (FFVII), Freya Crescent (FFIX), Gonzo (muppet), Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp character quiz), Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas quiz), Harry Potter (Harry Potter character quiz), Jubilee (X-Men), Gaz (Invader Zim), Peter Parker (Spider-Man: The Movie), Buffy (Buffy girl), Alessa (Silent Hill), and Mulan/Belle (Disney girls) Marty McFly (Back to the Future), Subways 4, 5, 6 (New York Subways), Perfection Obsession (Obsession), Aragorn (Lord of the Rings Ideal Mate), Yakko (Animanicas), Eámanë Ancalimë (Elvish Name), Bramblerose Knotwise of Michel Delving (Hobbit Name), Vigilant Artificial Neohuman Engineered for Sabotage and Scientific Assassination (C.Y.B.O.R.G name).
Extra Quizes: I am not going to hell (Hell quiz), I am an Artistic Soul (Soul quiz), I am a Geeky Goth (High School Stereotype)
Funny Saying: "Is that the voice in my head that tells me to kill and kill again?"
"No, Satan has a lower voice and speaks in an English accent." - Jane Lane and Daria Morgendorffer

Want to know more about me? Well, you can't. Actually, you can. It's easy. All you have to do is go to my journal site. Sure, I don't update as much as my friends', and some of them have slightly fancier looks than mine, but if you want to get in the mind of a very strange person, this is a good place to start. Yeah, I don't share everything. I'm not stupid. But, it's a start. Go ahead and see.

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AIM: VCohen886

I can't really apologize for not updating. No one expects me to anymore, and all these apologies don't make up for anything. You've been gyped by me and I'm sorry. Look, the final just...well...burned me out creatively and phsyically. To keep myself busy, I started developing something I felt I had no pressure to put up anywhere and it took off. Literally. Character designs, episode planning, all that stuff. It just came. I guess that makes you wonder if I'm going to continue with this comic, right?

I am. Just so that's clear. I'm going to try to put some new stuff up here while I'm cooking up a total revamp. I'm not making any promises except one: when my new idea is all implemented...it. Will. Be. Updated. Regularly. That's the one promise I make because it's the least I can do. But rest assured even if nothing is up right now, that doesn't mean I'm not working on it. I've just been retooling the overall story and my own art style.

I may be down, but never out. If you hang on with me, you'll get the big reward in the end, I swear. This is my first webcomic and first on going series, so I'm really learning what my limits are and aren't. If you don't feel like sticking with me I completely understand. There are a lot of comics that I support that have been updating regularly and got the hang of this stuff. By all means, go see them and let them provide you with entertainment.

Just keep in mind that I'll never give up so if you're the long haul type of person, just keep checking back once in a while.

I'm sure the majority of this whole spiel sounded stupid and did exactly what I was trying not to do, but that's okay. I can live with that. October's the date I've picked for this whole revamp thing, so when it comes to that time, I'll let everyone know what's the what. In the meantime, I'll try to get page 13 out. It's somewhat drawn already anyway.

~Vanessa, alive and kicking, as well as she can anyway

Just Got Back From My Final and Boy Does My Left Hand Hurt... - May 9th, 2003

Okay, so in that small update I said a week from April 12th because I was working on my final. Well, as always, complications came up and my deadline was extended by two weeks to give me the time I needed to finish the whole thing. So, I wasn't done with my final until just last Sunday and had to present it just this past Monday. You probably doubt that I was able to finish all 12 pages of the mini-comic starring soon-to-be-featured characters Phoenix (Fury), Dante and Ron (Ron's introduction doesn't actually happen until page...21 or 22, I think), but that is where you'd be wrong. I spent a good 8-10 hours a day working on it. I'd eat, sleep and breathe finishing that comic. And so I did. I don't dig it a whole much as far as aethetics go, but other people I've shown it to do, so that's gotta count for something. I had 30 of them printed out to see if my local comic book store would want to sell them, and a few other places. I'm not sure if I want to do that, but I've got people forcing me to.

So, I know that this billionth hiatus has probably driven away any readers I might have had. I'm in a constant state of starting over as far as that's concerned, I guess. But that's okay. I believe that the slow and steady wins the race kinda thing and that all these distractions have just been tests to see how dedicated I am to the comic and all that. Well, I'm dedicated. It may take me a while, but I finish. And knowing that I can at least draw a page a day (granted, I have to sarcrifice doing everything else to do so...) is a good thing. That would mean that I could theoretically produce a new page every two days.

I bet the question you're now asking is, 'So where's the new comic, slacker gal? I want to know what happens!' Which is a question and a demand at the same time.

Keep in mind that I did draw this 12 page comic in a little less than two weeks, in the middle of dealing with a TON of life stuff and managed to finish it. That means that my mind is totally spent, and my left hand (the ol' sinister drawing hand) is pretty much crushed into a bloody pulp of pain and crampiness. What I'm trying to say is that after my final I need a little 'me' time. This will benefit all you in the end, though. I'm getting recharged mentally and physically, getting ready to sketch stuff out and institute a new system up updating. So, although it might look like nothing's going on, I'll be working behind the scenes. I've been taking suggestions on a new updating schedule (read: constant) and have narrowed it down to every other weekend (a la Demonology 101) or having a huge update (if not an entire chapter) every month. That one is the equivalent to having a monthly title, just done on the web. If anyone has a preference in this, just let me know.

Target date for the next update is Unusual Heroes' one year anniversary, May 23rd. That's enough time for me to get things together. It'll probably be more than one page, and a nice little party thing. So meet back here then for new pages and a decision on a constant updating schedule. I'll be making this a bigger priority now that I have the time and energy to do so.

Just... let me rest my hand a bit first, okay?

Oh, and FFX-2 is the devil in hotpants. Just thought I'd say that yet again. It's evil on a stick, and don't spend a single penny on it. Yeah, Square, I'm not your total slave. HA.

Versus The World - April 6th, 2003

Now I want to point out that I've had the comic drawn since sometime last week. In fact it only took me a day and a half to draw it. Shading time notwithstanding, wanna know why your new page is late, so very late?

Because, constant reader, is that my scanner is on its way out! Can you believe this? First problems with being fast with drawing, then busy with school, now my scanner is on its last legs. I think it's safe to say that the world is either telling me to knock it off with the comic, or that it's gonna be really cool if I can just keep perservering through all these annoying mishaps. Hopefully it's the one where I get rewarded for keeping chugging on. I'd hate it if it was the other way.

I know that blaming my scanner doesn't make anything better. You still don't get the comic, and I still feel bad about it. I'm thinking of a realstic updating schedule that would give you more than one page, keep you satisfied and give me enough time to work on them without feeling completely pressured. Currently, I'm thinking of every other Wednesday or Saturday. Two or more pages. Of course, if I can get quicker with this stuff (which I am, actually), I might not do this. I haven't decided. Once I do, I'll let you guys know. And if you have an idea of a schedule that would work for you as well as me, hey, I'm open to ideas. Email me if you so choose.

Hmm... I guess anymore ranting would really be counterproductive. And in all honesty, I think only Piro of Megatokyo can pull off the type of rant this is turning out to be. There really isn't that much else going on. I'm looking for a new scanner that will kick major ass and make things better. I'm also working on the short story for class that's Unusual Heroes related. I'm gonna print a bunch of them out when their done and go from there. I've also done the layout for page 13, so I can get right on that this week, if the scanner doesn't totally break beyond repair. If I draw any new sketches in the meantime (I've been meaning to do a character sketch of a few upcoming characters, like what they wear when they're introduced) I'll put up in the Extras section. There's also a few pieces of fanart I'd like to be able to do. So once I do that, they might go up too. But my main goal is to get to the end of the chapter by next month, so I'll be spending most of my time on the actual story. Hooray, right?

I have miraculously found the time (okay, maybe just the wee hours of the morning, staying up far too late than I should) to start playing FFAnthology. One of the many games I have to catch up on. There's FFTactics, Xenosaga, Chrono Cross, Zelda: Ocaria of Time and Wind Waker...then later there'll be Clock Tower 3, Silent Hill 3, and Primal. Wow, that is a lot. Anyway, I started with FFVI first because I heard so much about it. I had to restart after getting up to the river with Banon. It's a cool game, but I've yet to see why everyone argues it to be the best FF of all time. The pacing still goes a little too fast for me. Within an hour, I know who the real villain is. That's kinda weird. They usually have more freaky foreshadowing and layers upon layers of "you think you know, but you don't!" Maybe that's just later FFs talking or something. It's still really cool and has a great sense of humor. But, I'm not sure if anything'll ever take the place of FFVIII and FFX to me. They're my favorites. Even if Austin Powers took over FFX...*ahem* Never mind.

That's quite enough from me. Hopefully Keenspace won't take forever to upload this so it'll be somewhat timely. Who knows. I know that those FF comments will probably get me flamed by someone out there...or not. I don't cause too much controversy these days. I'll remember to try and update this newsbox more for updates on the progress of the comic. But, remember, my journal site tends to have slightly more up to date news on it. So check there. Now, back to work for me...

Night of the Living Dead - March 19th, 2003

Okay, this morning's rant is cut short due to the fact that I am so freaking tired right now it isn't even funny. How long have I been working you ask? Really, REALLY, long time. I've probably lost a ton of motor functions and won't get up until 1pm. But, you guys are worth it, right? Of course!

I made good on my promise that nobody saw because when I left the message here it was 4:32 in the morning and stupid me, I requested an update without actually uploading the new page onto the server. Just goes to show you, the night owl will forget those tiny little things and end up staying up even later to correct them. More to the point, I at least kept the promise no one saw; to get page 11 out on Wednesday. Huzzah, here it is. And in an all new style too boot. Hey, you like the new style? Let me know. I'd really like to hear an opinion on it since it's a pretty drastic change from the last page. So, yeah, just drop me a line to say yay or nay. This technique doesn't really cut down on time, I think. Probably makes it longer. Actually, I'm not sure. I'm tired. I spent two days coloring it, one day drawing it, and a month procrastinating about it for various life reasons. I'm gonna try not to do that again. I've gotten a big creative boost for some reason, and I'm gonna go with it.

That's all my ranting this time. I'm exhausted. Check out the revamped extras section with new pieces and two wallpapers. Yes, I said wallpapers. It's a big update here. My project is going as well as can be expected and I'll probably be able to scan it once it's finished. It's around 10 pages now. That ought to give me time to catch up on the rest of this chapter.

There was something I wanted to say, I know it, but...aw, screw it. Like the comic, read the comic, see the artwork. I'll be back. Maybe I'll leave a--whoa! I remember now! I wanted to say that my journal site is going through a new layout revamp, and that's why there have been a lack of updates there regarding the status of the comic. Keep an eye out for a new layout there soon enough. I wanna finish that while getting to page 12.

Now to sweet, sweet sleep...


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